Innovative Cement Board Applications with Continuous Insulation

Course Description 

Provides an overview of cement boards and their use in exterior applications. The program is focused on Cement Board Stucco Systems (CBSS) and Cement Board Masonry Veneer (CBMV) systems using Continuous Insulation as an option to meet the International Energy Conservation Code requirements. The program reviews CBSS and CBMV components, details and performance benefits for occupant comfort. 

Modern Simulation Tools in Building Science and their Application

Description: Today's building enclosures are more energy efficient than decades ago, mainly due to a higher level of insulation and air tightness requirements; however, the downside is an increased risk of moisture problems with potential structural failure and unhealthy indoor air quality.

Don't Lose Your R Over the Z

Course Description 

This course defines and explains building science behind the code for the four control layers of the building envelope: water, air, thermal, and vapor. Participants will then explore typical design principles as well as alternative system  assembly approaches to exterior wall design. In addition, presentation covers common attachment strategies for various types of claddings, including masonry, rainscreen veneers, and applied/adhered veneers.

Awards Banquet & BINGO

Join us Thursday September 10th for our annual Awards Banquet followed by a BINGO game!
No RED carpet this year to pose for the paparazzi, but you can enjoy this event from the comfort of your home wearing a tuxedo or pajamas. 
Regardless of attire you'll have the same odds of winning the $100 gift card sponsored by gcp applied technologies during our BINGO game

We'll update you on plans for this Fall, honor outstanding members of the Chapter with awards and cap off the evening with a BINGO game where you'll have the chance to win a $100 gift card!


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Safety Standards for Automated Vehicular Gate Design

Course Description 

The purpose of this course is to train architects, engineers, designers, specifiers & owners on the UL 325 and ASTM F2200 Safety Standards related to design, construction and installation methods of automated vehicular access points.

Job Site Technology

On June 11 CSI Dallas held a virtual chapter meeting. Keith Cox with Synnex Corporation presented on the topic "Trends in Job Site Technology". The presentation was was recorder and can be watched using the link below.

Watch Here


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