Sustainable “Cool” Roofing Solutions

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Unlike traditional roof replacement, UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems provide a lightweight, renewable solution to roofing needs. It’s so lightweight it’s measured in ounces — not pounds — per square foot. UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems are installed onto existing roofs to sustain the roof system for the “useful service life of the facility.”





Anatomy of Globe Life Park

The Rangers may not have made it to the World Series this year, but next season they will be sliding into a brand new facility.  Join us at the November Chapter meeting where we will break down how the new Rangers stadium is being designed to help them knock it out of the park in the years to come. 

The Integrated Building Envelope™

 Building Envelope System: Physics - DMI


Presented By: David Leslie, RWI with Polyguard

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This course provides an overview of the Integrated Building Envelope achieved through the understanding of Design, Material, and Installation in order to create Continuity in both the process and the building. Primary focus in understanding the material aspect will be the Physics of composite waterproofing systems.

Achieving Healthy, Comfortable, Interior Environments through Sustainable,

Performance Based Design

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In recent times, the rise of green building programs such as LEED®, WELL Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge, has led to some manufacturers to create high performance interior products

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