Modern Simulation Tools in Building Science and their Application

Description: Today's building enclosures are more energy efficient than decades ago, mainly due to a higher level of insulation and air tightness requirements; however, the downside is an increased risk of moisture problems with potential structural failure and unhealthy indoor air quality. Modern thermal and hygrothermal analysis tools have already made their way from science to engineering and readily available today for the application in design, education, and forensic analysis. This presentation will describe the motivations for hygrothermal engineering, introduce commonly used tools, outline the basic principles, and include application examples for cold as well as for hot and humid climate zones.
Speaker: Manfred Kehrer with WJE
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the necessity for hygrothermal analyses of today's building enclosure assemblies.
  • Identify basic heat and moisture transport mechanisms and their effect on the building enclosure.
  • Understand available thermal and hygrothermal analyses tools and their limitations.
  • Understand the application of the tools to cold as well as hot and humid climate zones.
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