Innovative Cement Board Applications with Continuous Insulation

Course Description 

Provides an overview of cement boards and their use in exterior applications. The program is focused on Cement Board Stucco Systems (CBSS) and Cement Board Masonry Veneer (CBMV) systems using Continuous Insulation as an option to meet the International Energy Conservation Code requirements. The program reviews CBSS and CBMV components, details and performance benefits for occupant comfort. 


Provider: National Gypsum Co.

Speaker: Bret Swan

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how Cement Board Masonry Veneer system and their components compare with conventional masonry veneer installation methods and the effects on building energy
  2. Understand how to utilize Continuous Insulation with Cement Board Masonry and Cement Board Stucco systems to contribute to occupant
  3. Learn how Cement Board Masonry Veneer systems reduce material costs and environmental impact over traditional systems
  4. Learn how the features and performance benefits of Cement Board Stucco Systems, using continuous insulation, compare to traditional stucco systems as it relates to ease of installation and environmental impact.
This will be an online presentation. Once you have registered for the CSI event, an email will be sent with information on how to attend the event online.


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