Uber Elevated Skyports

Description: Learn about the future or transportation and how it will impact the way we move around the area.
Speaker: Samantha Flores, AIA, RID, NCARB, Senior Associate / Director, Hugo
Speaker Bio:
Samantha is the Director of Hugo, Corgan's innovation and research team that elevates data-driven design around the human experience. Hugo examines the various impacts emerging technologies and evolving human behaviors will have on the user experience and built environment through focused research and experimentation. Keeping a pulse on industry innovations, Hugo provides a platform for Corgan to work with experts across a variety of industries, enabling Corgan to break into emerging markets. 
Samantha has pioneered many of the firm's human-centered design research, with initiatives such as intuitive wayfinding, olfactory architecture, and age simulation, and has recently developed investigatory publications such as the Curiosity Report and Design Informed by the Pandemic – each of which help clients usher in new methods of working, learning, and developing real estate post-COVID-19. Additionally, Samantha has worked with clients to develop emerging architectural typologies such as skyports, spaceports, and digitally interactive immersive environments. 
Prior to Hugo, Samantha has six years of experience on Corgan’s Aviation team, developing a niche for elevating the user experience through research and innovative use of technology.

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