Forestry:  From Seed to Sustainability 

Presented By:  Sierra Pacific Industries

Dan Tomascheski, Vice President of Resources at Sierra Pacific Industries, leads us on a journey through today’s timberland.

Starting with a brief look at Sierra Pacific Industries own story (as well as a few select war stories), Dan explores the stories forests tell, the impact of fire and climate change on timberland, and a look at cutting-edge practices in forest sustainability. 

  • Examine forest sustainability and its impacts the world around us
  • Discuss the role forests play and how we help them adapt & survive
  • Assess the importance of forest carbon considerations
  • Explore cutting-edge forest research practices


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Dan Tomascheski, Vice President Resources, Sierra Pacific Industries

Dan is responsible for the Sierra Pacific Industries’ timberland management and raw material procurement for its milling facilities.  SPI owns 2 million acres of timberland, mainly in California. The Company operates 13 sawmills in California and four in Washington state. SPI is the second largest producer of lumber and the largest producer of millwork products in the US. Sierra Pacific Industries also generates around 150 megawatts of power to the electrical grid from its biomass power plants. Dan has responsibility for SPI’s environmental and political programs regarding resource management as well as SPI’s alternative land use program. 

PERSONAL:  Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Master of Forestry from UC Berkeley. Married to a forester and educator, Jeanne. Three children. Resides in Millville, CA

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