Doors Openings for Tornado Safe Area

Course Description

Today Building Science is making noticeable progress incorporating Tornado-Safe Areas in design and construction.

Emphasis are made on Building Structure, Continuous Load-Path, Foundation, Walls and Roof materials. Field-research of tornado aftermath by scientists and emergency management organizations revealed that one of the weakest components that leads to a destruction and loss of Human Life is Door Opening. This course presents basic principals of Wind Resistance, existing mitigation efforts, and available solutions to protect Door Opening Component during tornado without jeopardizing security and life safety requirements in everyday operation.

Provider: Securitech

Speaker: Yuriy Far

Learning Objectives

Understand basic principals of windstorm destruction mechanism and basics of wind-resistance

  • Recognize differences between various types of windstorms and mitigation measures
  • Learn about regulatory documents for constructing Tornado-Safe Area
  • Become familiar with existing mitigation programs by federal and local governments
  • Review various types and examples of tornado shelters and refuge areas
  • Learn what door configurations are available for architectural door opening as a component of tornado safe area
  • Understand what is recommended by FEMA as best refuge areas for different building types
  • Be able to identify and specify best hardware options for different locking functions to maximize wind resistance, meet requirements of building codes and functionality of designated facility
  • Review various options of multi-hazard approach for tornado-safe areas



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