A panel discussion with three Attorneys; moderated by Brian Hadar of RISK STRATEGIES

Please join us for the March 2020 CSI Dallas Chapter Meeting. It will be an entertaining evening for all everyone.  We have assembled a panel discussion of three well-respected Dallas attorneys who represent architects, contractors and owners in disputes and lawsuits. Each attorney specializes in representing one of these three entities during litigation.  

Michele Rieger - a Board Certified – Construction Law attorney for Winstead PC, primarily represents Owners in her practice. 

Craig Williams - FAIA is Principal and Chief Legal Officer for HKS representing the architects in his firm. 

Kyle Gooch - a Board Certified –Construction Law attorney for Canterbury Gooch PC, primarily represents Contractors and sub-contractors. 

The panel discussion will be moderated by Brian Hadar of RISK STRATEGIES--formerly McLaughlin-Brunson Insurance.  Brian is an integral part of Risk Strategies and he advises architects and engineers with respect to Professional Liability Insurance .   He will be posing questions and creating scenarios for our panel of attorneys regarding ‘situations’ which architects, owners and contractors at times find themselves.  They will respond and explain how one might approach resolution or attempt to resolve a dispute or a lawsuit related to these scenarios.

It will be a fun and educational evening, so don’t miss it !!


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