CSI Dallas,

I want to provide an update regarding the plans for the Holiday Party in 2020.  After many conversations and careful thought, I believe it’s in the Chapter’s best interest to forgo a Holiday Party in December 2020.  The basis of this decision considers many factors.  I have to first say that Kevin, Brett, and Matt put in a lot of due diligence into exploring options related to how we could execute a Holiday Party virtually, in-person, or in some form of combination. 

Each of those options was problematic in some way.  A completely virtual option lacked the spirit of gathering and the Virtual Casino vendor pricing was much too expensive for what it was.  The in-person or combination option would have also created a tremendous expense to the chapter and I think it would be a mistake to attempt not having had a chapter meeting in person to determine what the turn out would be.  Finding sponsorship dollars at this time in the year is unrealistic.  In the end, considering the intended spirit of the event and fiduciary responsibility has led to the decision to forgo the December 2020 Holiday Party.


Now, could there be a silver lining?  Possibly.  By choosing to not spend chapter resources on an event in December, that leaves the potential to attempt a special event between the start of 2021 and the summer when the fiscal year closes.  There’s no guarantees that we will pursue an event during this time, but at least we will not have outspent the ability to have this option if we are all back together.


I thank the Matt Stevens, Erica Bish, and the Special Events Committee for entertaining all options.  Ultimately this is the decision that I think is best.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or concerns.


Austin Moss CSI

Dallas CSI Chapter President

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