Sound, You and the Modern Environment

Course Description

This course will review the sound-related phenomena as it relates to humans and the building industry.

BEHR Plant Tour and Presentation

A Burning Question - Combustibles in Non-Combustible Construction

Provider: Intertek

What One Specifier Wants Product Representatives to Know

Provider: Walter Scarborough

Understanding Permeability in Products and Systems

Note: Due to a schedule conflict the meeting will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month rather than the 2nd Thursday.

Smoke Containment Strategies for Elevator Hoistways and Lobbies

Course Presentation Overview: – This course explains how smoke migrated in a multi-story building fire and discusses how building codes have evolved to address this danger and why they mandate smoke containment in specific areas of a structure. Product applications and assemblies designed to meet building code requirements and limit vertical smoke migration via elevator hoistways and lobbies are explained.

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