Dallas CSI Foundation History

In 1984, after a very financially successful Product Show, a group of Dallas CSI members were concerned about how the Chapter could make the best of this financial windfall.  After much discussion and some research, the group decided that if there was a way the money, and perhaps profits from future Product Shows could be set aside from the Chapter finances, then the money could be used to fund a scholarship for a student pursuing a degree in one on the construction related study programs.  An initial group of interested Dallas Chapter members, headed by Dallas Chapter President Elect Paul Simonson, FCSI, CCS, CCCA embarked on the process of establishing a separate entity that would be able to fund scholarships and create certain tax advantages to the not-for-profit Chapter.

After much investigation and discussions with Attorneys and CPA’s, determining the general organization of the new Dallas CSI Foundation was begun.  On November 16, 1984, after many meetings and submittal of an extensive amount of documentation, the Secretary of State of the State of Texas granted the Dallas CSI Foundation its Certificate of Incorporation stating that it was to be “operated for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code “…to establish scholarship grants, to provide recognition for scholarships for undergraduate study in the field of construction sciences of an accredited college or university in the United States…”

The Articles of Incorporation also created a Board of Directors made up of seven members, each of whom had an original specified term, of from one to three years.  Founding members of the Foundation were Weldon Hash, Jr., FCSI,CCS, Terrell Harper, FCSI, FAIA and Honorary Member, David Brotman, CSI, Bill Dunne, Sr., CSI, Jack Frost, P.E., FCSI, Michael Gibbons, FCSI, CCPR, and Dee Brown, CSI.  Representing a diverse cross section of CSI membership each of the Foundation Board members brought a unique perspective to the operation of the Foundation and its eventual fund raising capabilities.  Board membership is by appointment from the Dallas CSI Board and each Board member is asked to serve a minimum of three years. 

With the Articles of Incorporation and Dallas CSI Foundation By Laws in place, the Foundation opened its first bank account with $10,000.00 from the proceeds of the 1984 Product Show.  With that, the Board set their first Goal to increase the bank account to a minimum of $40,000.00 so that interest earned could be used to fund future scholarships.  To accomplish that Goal, the Board set out to determine what means they had available to raise additional capital and increase their bank holdings.  Ultimately, it was determined that a well-run Golf Tournament could be both a fun and profitable venture for the Foundation.  In 1985, the first Dallas CSI Foundation Tournament was held at the Dallas Athletic Club course with over eighty golfers participating.  The Board was quite proud of their first year of fund raising after sponsoring what they thought to be profitable Golf Tournament.  It was, however, during the final tallying of income and expenses of the Tournament during the evening Banquet, that the Board learned that after all of the efforts, they had just barely covered their expenses.  Before everyone left the Banquet, then Board President Weldon Nash, Jr., made an impassioned plea to those in attendance to once again help support the goals of the Foundation by contributing to the Foundations’ account.  Before the night ended, the hat was passed among the golfers and the first annual Dallas CSI Foundation Golf Tournament showed a profit of $900.00!! The first $1,000.00 scholarship was awarded later that year. 

Since that first Tournament, the Foundation has been fortunate to have as a volunteer and eventually as a Board Member, Mr. Charlie Joyner, CSI, CDT.  In his first year of organizing the Tournament, Charlie was able to return $936.00 to the Foundations account.  Since the first year, the Tournament has consistently accommodated the maximum number of players recommended for the course.  Many of those payers return each year because the Tournament is fun, but more importantly, it is their way of contributing to the future of education in the design/construction industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  . 

In 2002, as recognition of the many years of organizing and managing the Foundation’s Tournament, the board officially named the tournament the Charlie Joyner Golf Classic in honor of his contributions to the success of past and future Tournaments.

The funding from the Tournament has allowed past and current Boards to make a greater impact in the future education of Students pursuing degrees in Architecture, Architectural Engineering or the Colleges and Universities in the SCI South Central Region to solicit their nomination of qualifying students for consideration of a scholarship award.  By policy, the Board has restricted qualifying applicants to be former residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth “Metroplex” area.  (i.e. attended High School in the area)  It is the Goal of the Board to award three $1,500.00 scholarships if there are qualified applicants and still return some of the proceeds from fund raising events to the general scholarship account.  The Board has also made a determination that if the funds are available, the industry and the profession would benefit the most with maximum distribution of scholarship funds to qualifying students. 

Criteria for selecting scholarship recipient’s remains much as it was when the Foundation was founded.  Since funding for Scholarship Grants primarily comes from individuals and companies based with the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Board established a funding criteria that enabled those local contributions to be distributed to a student(s) who was a former resident of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Other selection criteria include:

  • Minimum of three years of College/University credit completed and at least one year remaining to complete their professional degree.
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited College or University in the state of Texas or Oklahoma (South Central Region boundaries).
  • Majoring in Architecture, Architectural Engineering or Construction Science and Technology.
  • Must show a special skill and advancement in the areas of Architecture, Architectural Engineering or Construction Science and Technology.
  • Financial need is not a primary criteria for selection but consideration is given to a nominee’s financial need.
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